Starts: Ongoing - join any time
Meets: Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5:15 a.m. Dallas Mockingbird.
Price: $55/month (cancel any time after 5 day free trial - no contracts)

Cancel your gym membership!  You now have one stop shopping for your distance running and strength building.  The Enduro Pro class focuses on developing global strength, mid-line strength,  and energy system development – traditional areas of weakness in endurance athletes that can be developed to make you a stronger runner with reduced chance of injury.  This class is programmed to work in conjunction with our distance training schedules.

  • The workouts are designed to be done with minimal equipment. To get started, you need an exercise mat, stretch band, and dumbbells. A kettle bell is nice, but not required.

  • This program is super flexible. The workouts are designed to be done at your house, your hotel gym, etc.at the time of day that suits you! However, if you like the group workout dynamic, we have coached workouts in Dallas on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings 5:15 a.m.

  • The workouts are scalable! If you are just starting out, you can easily reduce the reps and build your strength sensibly. As you get stronger, increase the reps or increase the weight and work on increasing your reps.

  • Please contact Mitch Hayes at mhayes@jackrabbit.com or 214-518-8444 with any questions or for a free try out class