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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”
— Aristotle

Events & Announcements

  • Spread the word -- we have a new round of full and half marathon training starting on September 10th! These classes will be for January, February and March 2020 races! For those of you in class now interested in Houston (January race), there will be a bridge schedule from the current Dallas half/full marathon class that will get you there.

  • ARE YOU LOOKING TO TAKE YOUR CROSS TRAINING INTO HIGH GEAR? You must check out our Enduro Pro class! Three coached workouts per week for $55 per month, AND the workouts are designed to compliment your distance running! See below for all the details, and contact Mitch for a free try out class.

  • WALK AND TALK! Please pass the word about our new fun walking class!  Click HERE to review the detailed email from earlier this week, and click HERE to sign up!

  • Staging before the run == LOOK FOR YOUR PACE GROUP LEADER(S)! -- we have athletes from all weekday locations getting together for the Saturday long runs at Coppell and Mockingbird. When you are getting organized with other athletes running your pace and mileage, remember to ask around and look for others from other locations. They are probably looking for you too! There are lots of ways we can ensure you are not doing miles on your own -- finding a group is one, doing a couple of miles beforehand is another, and going further out with a group but stopping short at a water stop and calling the van for pick up is another. Just ask us, and we can figure something out! And always take the "Return Directions to the Store" route I provide every Saturday at Mockingbird.

  • A FREE MONTH OF TRAINING -- REFER A FRIEND! That's right -- if you refer a friend to us and they sign up for one of our training programs, I will refund your next month's training right back to your credit card.  Make sure you email me and give me the name of your friend.  This is a great way to grow our programs, and I appreciate your confidence in us.  This deal is effective immediately -- sorry, but it is not retroactive.

  • Recovery schedule — as our goal races are completed, it’s important to allow yourself time to heal, not only physically but mentally as well. Don’t forget about the recovery schedule we have for you. Click HERE.

  • Don't forget about dynamic drills before the long run Saturday mornings. Dynamic drills are awesome -- they prepare your body for running, activate your nuero muscular system, increase blood flow to your muscles, improves your range of motion, and all that leads to running more efficiently and decreased chance of injury! Coach Heather will be leading dynamic warm up drills every Saturday morning at 5:22 a.m.

  • I want to make sure you know about the foot drills in our resource tab. Be prepared for help with your plantar fasciitis, increased mobility, and decreased chance of injury! Do yourself a big favor, and make this a part of every run. You will love yourself for it!

  • Did you know you can run with Rogue training in Austin, New York City, or any other city we roll out to in the future? If you are visiting in a city where we have Rogue training, you can get in on a weekday or Saturday long run at no charge as long as your membership is in good standing. Just let Mitch know if you are interested.

  • Our Social Media Coordinator Sara Rendon is rocking the social media world with our content right now! I want to encourage you to check us out on Instagram @rogue_training_dfw and/or our Facebook page, Rogue Training DFW and spread the word! We need more followers, likes, sharing content, and using #rogue_training_dfw & @rogue_training_dfw in your posts. This will give Run On! & Rogue Training a digital voice. If you would like to have one your race, workout, running pictures, or videos posted to our Instagram & Facebook pages, email Sara Rendon: She would be more and happy to post your pictures & videos. Thank you Sara!

LONG RUN DETAILS September 21, 2019

Dallas Mockingbird

To view the map: Click here.

To download turn by turn directions: Click here